CNC Taps Regrind Service

CNC Taps regrind service

Tap Refurbishment by the experts

CNC Taps regrind Our knowledge and expertise from over fifty years of special tap manufacture ensures we will regrind your taps correctly. Using 5 axis production grinders with bespoke software, we will identify the existing flute geometry and cutting angles, reproducing faithfully and consistently. Alternatively we can advise on your tap selection for a specific application, modifying new and used taps.

Our service includes analysis of the tools requiring refurbishment, establishing what is required. The damage sustained is removed and necessary features reground.

CNC Taps Regrind
  • Regrind and Refurbishment of application machine and hand taps.
  • Expert advice on tap selection
  • Modification of new taps to suit your application
  • Extend life and reclaim damaged or worn taps of all makes.
  • HSS grades and carbide hardmetal
  • Right and left hand cutting
  • Straight and helical flute and spiral point
  • Right and left hand helical flutes of up to 45° angle
  • Surface coating TiN-TiCN-TiCAlN-AlTiN-Plasox
  • Secondary through coolant feature
  • All thread forms, including Acme, Trapezoidal, Radius, etc.
  • From 3mm - 200mm diameter
  • Up to 550mm length
CNC Taps Regrind

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