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Deep hole Thread Milling cutters


Specially manufactured Thread-Milling Cutters for long reach applications.


Manufactured in Carbide Hardmetall; our cutters are suitable for any & all deep-thread applications in all materials



Thread milling deep holes with T-TECH multi-fluted solid carbide cutters, is the ideal solution for all materials conventional and exotic.


Our offering completely eliminates swarf crowding; & provides an excellent surface texture and finish every time.

All our cutters are manufactured in responsibly sourced sub-micro grain 10%Co Tungsten Carbide.


Sizes ranging from

3mm-32mm Ø

Standard range with reach of 3xD

Special dimensions & reach applications (upto & above 5xD)

Comprehensive range of thread forms

Internal coolant available

Array of available surface coatings.

No minimum order quantity!

Rapid delivery


For any non-standard reach, pitch or threadform applications please do not hesitate to contact us direct via our product enquiry page or direct contact information below.

If you cannot find what you are looking for listed above please visit our Product Enquiry Page

or ring (+44) 0121 474 2255 

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