Special Taps


Est. 1948

We at T-TECH have been producing application specific, specialised machine & hand taps for over 70 years.

Our manufacturing encapsulates all thread forms & pitch-diameter combinations with material specialized geometries to ensure a perfect thread every time.

All our taps are ground thread & produced in HSS (including HSSE/HSSEpm) & Tungsten Carbide Hardmetal. 


Our capabilities include:

Special Diameter; 2MM-200MM+

Special Lengths; upto 31.1/4" (800MM)

Spiral flutes (Fast & Slow)

Spiral Point (Gun-nose)

 Cold Forming (AKA Roll/Fluteless taps)
Tapered taps

 Single Pass Taps

Serial Form Tap sets.

& Many more 



These are straight flute general purpose tools which can be used for both machine or hand tapping. They are generally the most economical tool for use on production runs, 



Machine taps are so called because they are designed to be run at higher speeds, and need less cutting power than hand taps.

SPIRAL POINT Also known as ‘gun nose’ or ‘bull nose’ or chip driver. These taps are dimensionally the same as a hand tap, second lead, but have the cutting face ground back relative to the axis of the tap, for the lead portion. This gives the flute a better cutting action, requiring less power, and pushes the cut material forward, allowing free flow of coolant along the flutes to the cutting edge. The flutes are not ground as deeply as for hand taps, giving the tap greater strength. It can therefore be run at higher speeds. Spiral point taps are ideal for machine tapping of through holes, or blind holes where there is enough clearance beyond the threaded portion to accommodate the swarf.

SPIRAL FLUTE These taps are used to produce a thread close to the bottom of a blind hole and therefore have a very short lead. The right hand spiral cut of the flutes acts to force the swarf away from the cutting teeth to the rear of the flutes and out of the hole. They are better on materials which form long continuous stringy swarf, rather than chips. They are also better to tap a thread in a hole where there is a break in the material, e.g. another hole, as the spiral fluting helps the tap to pick up on the other side.




Fluteless Taps are ideal for high speed production in malleable material such as aluminium.


The problem of swarf is eliminated, which is particularly suitable for deep hole tapping. Long life, and consistency are benefits.

FLUTELESS Otherwise known as ‘Roll’, ‘Forming’ or Polygon taps. Used for the chipless production of threads in ductile materials such as copper, aluminium or soft brass. As the name implies they do not have flutes but lobes, which contact the work piece to form the thread by extrusion. They are operated at high speeds and are better at maintaining size. As long as all of the correct operating criteria are met, i.e. speed, hole size and lubrication, they have a longer life and less breakages than with other types of machine taps. Because they produce no chips they are very suitable for blind hole tapping.

Fluteless taps require different tapping drill sizes and higher operating speeds than conventional taps, see later. They also produce stronger threads.


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